ADDED and SAP sign MoU to advance digital innovation in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development (ADDED) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with SAP, a leading provider of enterprise business software. A key objective of the agreement is to explore collaboration opportunities aimed at enhancing industry innovation, digital transformation, developing advanced business models, nurturing Emirati talent, and fostering local digital competencies, especially by supporting startups and small businesses.

ADDED and SAP sign MoU to advance digital innovation in Abu DhabiBy signing this MoU, ADDED intends to take advantage of SAP’s UAE cloud offering. This will enable SAP to accelerate its expansion in the region as an authorized cloud services provider. In addition, both parties plan to work together to train UAE nationals in technology, business, and behavior skills through in-country, global, and virtual programs. Through the SAP-developed platform, ADDED and SAP aim to support job seekers and freelancers by bridging the gap between supply and demand for jobs and freelance work.

Under the MoU, ADDED and SAP will provide support to SMEs and startups online and Grow by SAP initiatives. Moreover, both parties are exploring the possibility of establishing an innovation center in Abu Dhabi to support public and private sector entities. SAP and ADDED also stated their intention to explore and launch Industry 4.0 initiatives within Abu Dhabi. SAP hopes to create a POV document to propose mutually beneficial strategic initiatives. The POV document will focus on Abu Dhabi’s main pillars, including healthcare, education, economy, defense, security, and government efficiency.